Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fare Cap

Maximum Journey Fare Cap

SBS Transit caps the maximum fare for a journey at $1.90, regardless of the number of bus transfers a passenger makes on its basic bus services. Transfers to each basic bus service must be made within 45 minutes. If the time to complete a journey is more than 2 hours and takes more than 4 transfers, commuters can claim for their reimbursements from any TransitLink Ticket Office during operating hours from the 11th to the end of the following month.

And this clause turned out pretty useful for me when today's itinerary was like this:

Svc 13: Bishan - Yio Chu Kang: Driving lessons

Svc 162: Yio Chu Kang - Upper Thomson: Collecting a registered letter, turned out to be a voucher for some freebies from Singtel. I renewed the internet subscription recently.

Svc 132: Upper Thomson - Orchard: Argh, they ran out of stock of the freebies and I'd have to wait until 3pm. Oh well, I have other places to go to.

Svc 54: Orchard - Bishan: Home. Lunch. A hurried one so that I could make it to the next bus within the transfer time limit.

Svc 74: Bishan - NUS: Bought that Haematology text for my elective posting next week, and it's like, the last day possible for me! Tardy, lazy, procrastinating me. Errands, photocopied stuff, etc.

Svc 95: NUS -Buona Vista

Svc 106: Buona Vista - Orchard: Finally got the freebies redeemed. Abalone, a can of shark's fin, a can of Buddha Jums Over The Wall, 2 bottles bird's nest. Stuff I don't exactly like but the family gushes about.

Svc 162: Orchard - Bishan: Whew. Home.


8 trips, 2 of which cost me exactly $0.00 after that fare cap. Any more bus rides, and you'd hafta smell my puke all the way through your commute.

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Yusry said...

Yeah, the fare cap is cool, except when the EZLink consoles record the wrong time which screws up your fare cap claims.